Dairy Passion - Sofi Shane

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Irrepressible Sofi Shane loves her milk and cookies, snug on the bed with a mug and a plate, and then an idea occurs. She dips her finger in the cool drink and rubs it over her lips, tracing a line down her chest to slip her dress aside and stroke her nipples with a deft touch, calling that hot, pink nub to stand to attention as the cool milk chills. Emboldened by her sexual play, she raises one leg and lets her dress ride up over her hips to expose her unshaven pussy, dipping two fingers into the cool drink and trailing them over her slit, the white milk catching in her pubic hair, coating her pussy lips, given them a sexy sheen. She strips and lies back to probe her pussy further, slipping one finger inside and making her body convulse as she begins to finger herself faster and faster, dipping into her pussy, slapping her clit, driving herself wild with desire.


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