Friends Part 1 - Anastazia & Ricky

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Voyeurism proves to be a powerful aphrodisiac, as the first episode of Andrej Lupin’s hot two-parter “Friends” introduces two couples enjoying some sexy vacation time on the picturesque island of Mallorca. After hanging out and sightseeing in the sunshine, the cute foursome returns to their villa, where Ricky and Anastazia spy on their pals kissing and cuddling amorously from across the courtyard. Ricky’s fired up from the get go, rubbing Anastazia’s pussy, then yanking her panties off and lapping at her shaven slit. The laughing babe – making her SexArt debut here – throws off her dress and leans back against the wall as Ricky inserts a finger into her wet hole. Through the window, Anastazia sees Stella Cox sucking Maxmilian Dior’s cock, and drops to her knees to follow suit, freeing Ricky’s stiff cock from his pants and stroking it into her mouth greedily. Ricky enjoys the view of Anastazia blowing him as Max takes Stella from behind, then plays along, turning his partner around so he can bend her over and fuck her in doggy. As she enjoys the show their friends are giving them just a few feet away, Anastazia bucks hard against Ricky’s relentless pounding, planting a sneaker clad foot on the wall behind him so they can hump together even harder. With athletic prowess, Ricky lifts Anastazia up, bouncing her on his cock; she dismounts to suck her juices from his shaft, then moves back into doggy, turning sideway to the window to give their friends a good view as Ricky bangs her vigorously. They fuck to a noisy mutual climax, spurred on by the knowledge that their pleasure is being shared by their friends too…


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