Cameron Minx

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Adorable blonde Cameron Minx couldn't wait for her neighbors to go out of town so she could sneak into their backyard and use their pool. The tattooed bad babe took her top off and stepped into the pool, splashing her body,the cool water making her nipples hard. Since she was alone, she took her bottoms off to do a little skinny dipping, her nice, thick thatch showed that she wasn't a natural blonde, but her natural curves and perky tits proved that didn't matter at all. Cameron loved the idea of being a bad babe so she spread a towel out next to the pool, sprawled out on it, and started rubbing that pussy. She fingered herself until she was close then she moved her wet fingers to her clit, rubbing it faster and faster until her body shook and the other neighbors heard as she came hard. It was a perfect day. She got to sunbathe, went for a swim, and came her brains out!


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