My Sex Book - Linda

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Enjoying a good book in the park, and feeling the slight breeze caress her bare legs, Linda Z is captivated by titillating thoughts. She begins to fantasize about being bound in a remote location. She closes her eyes on the park bench, and images how the rope will feel against her flesh. As she works at the expertly tied knots at her wrists, we see her shapely, stocking-clad legs bound together at the ankles. Finally releasing her hands, her touch idly skims over her black lace bra. Emboldened, she removes it and reveals her perfectly formed nipples that have hardened as she worked at the binding ropes. Soon her other hand is gliding over the outside of her black panties, before pulling them to the side to expose her needy pussy. Head back in pleasure, she massages her clit, then aching with desire, she unbinds her legs so that she may remove her panties and spread her thighs wide. The frantic ministrations of her hand are perfectly framed by the top of her black thigh highs. Linda uses the rope to bring herself to a powerful climax as her fantasy fades.


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