Vox Reloaded Episode 3 - Joyful - Nataly Von & Sweet Cat

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Gorgeous blonde Sweet Cat continues her wicked teasing in episode three of “Vox: Reloaded.” This time her willing victim is sexy Nataly Von, who attempts to read from an erotic novel as Sweet Cat torments her with a vibrating wand. Nataly squirms as the vibrations course through her body, Sweet Cat smiling naughtily and turning up the speed until her girlfriend can no longer continue reading as her orgasm sweeps through her. The darlings kiss and caress each other through their pretty summer dresses, and Nataly slides a hand inside Sweet Cat’s panties to stroke her to a climax. They get naked, rubbing their beautiful slender bodies together, and Sweet Cat spreads Nataly’s shaved pussy open and licks it hungrily in doggy position. The slender brunette comes hard with Sweet Cat’s fingers stroking her clit and thrusting into her wet pussy. Sweet Cat lies back for Nataly to eat and finger her to another intense orgasm, then moves into spoons to reciprocate.


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