Summer Memories Episode 4 - Retrospect - Julia Roca & Nikita Bellucci

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Nikita Bellucci is reminiscing about time spent with sexy Spanish babe Julia Roca as episode four of Alis Locanta’s “Summer Memories” begins. Such thoughts stimulate the tattooed French fox, and she lifts her dress and masturbates. The film flashes back to the time Nikita joined Julia in the shower. Nikita lathers up Julia’s beautiful breasts and hairy pussy, before Julia spins around so that Nikita can do the same to her gorgeous ass. Still wearing her white blouse, Nikita joins Julia under the cascading water. They kiss voraciously, pressing their breasts together, before Julia raises one of her long legs and Nikita drops down to eat her pussy. Julia is increasingly vocal in her pleasure as Nikita starts fingering her furiously, while simultaneously rubbing her clit. Julia throws back her head and yells as she orgasms. She reciprocates by pushing Nikita up against the wall and paying homage to her heaving breasts, nibbling on her erect nipples. Julia tugs down Nikita’s panties and crouches between her legs, driving her tongue and fingers up Nikita’s pussy until she climaxes. Turning Nikita around to face the wall, she focuses on her bottom, groping and wobbling the cheeks, before sticking a couple of slippery fingers in her tight asshole. Nikita’s body shakes uncontrollably as she orgasms again. She spins around and slams her fingers in Julia’s pussy to push her over the edge too. They embrace, lips locked to express their love for each other.


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