Eve's Blind Dates Episode 3 - Playful - Eve Angel & Gina Gerson & Jessica Lincoln

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Sandra Shine’s apartment rental business is booming and the beds are all full as episode three of “Eve’s Blind Dates” begins, but that doesn’t stop gorgeous Gina Gerson from coming anyway, sleeping on the sofa for a few nights because she loves company. Eve Angel and Jessica Lincoln introduce themselves, and Eve’s face lights up as she realizes that Gina and Jessica would make a great match. It’s clear they like each other a lot, but when Eve realizes they need some encouragement, she starts a game of truth or dare, asking if they’ve ever kissed another babe before. When they both answer yes, Eve just has to find out who the best kisser is, embracing each of them passionately. She plays her part well, getting Gina and Jessica to kiss and then leaving them to enjoy each other in private. Gina takes the lead, sucking Jessica’s tongue as she straddles her, devouring her so hornily, then sucking and squeezing her breasts just as avidly. She moves down to give Jessica’s pussy the same voracious attention, sucking hard on her clit and pussy lips, spreading her wide with the flat of her tongue. She slides a couple of fingers into Jessica’s sopping hole, strumming her clit and fucking her with passion, driving her to an intense orgasm. Gina scissors her pussy against Jessica’s, grinding her clit hard on her new lover’s wet slit, then spreads her legs wide for Jessica to eat her. She holds her pussy open as Jessica’s tongue slides over her pulsing clit and laps at her wet folds. Pushing Jessica onto her back, Gina sits on her face, riding her probing tongue to another climax and then fingering Jessica hard and fast. Co-directed by Sandra Shine and the legendary Viv Thomas himself, this high-energy encounter is an instant classic.


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