Campus Episode III - Secret Guest - Tracy Smile and Tim Bauer

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In Episode II of Andrej Lupin’s “Campus” series Tracy Smile sizzled through a lesbian tryst with Roxy Mendez. Smile returns to headline “Campus Episode III,” but this time she’s teamed with a male — Tim Bauer. Tracy is hitting the books when she receives an unexpected phone call — boyfriend Bauer is minutes away and wants to pay a visit. Smile bounds down the stairs and out the door to greet her lover, but if she wants to enjoy more than a kiss and a hug she’s got to be careful. After making sure the coast is clear, she sneaks Bauer into the dormitory and they slip into a utility closet — unseen by any students or faculty members — and lock the door. Time is certainly of the essence, but the reunited lovers don’t rush, they savor their unexpected time together, kissing passionately as their fever grows. First Bauer frees Tracy’s full breasts from her blouse and bra, then he helps her out of her pants and helps himself to a mouthful of her moist and succulent pussy. Tracy enjoys and excels at oral, too, and the blowjob she next administers combines skilled sucking with tantalizing eye-contact. Although it’s far from glamorous or inviting, the cluttered closet affords ample room and the couple begin to fuck, first standing, then with Tracy spread wide on a counter, and finally seated in a chair. After Smile has been rocked by a powerful orgasm she takes a moment to catch her breath, then she rides her lover to a simultaneous climax and internal ejaculation. There’s little time to enjoy the afterglow, however, because somebody is attempting to enter the locked love nest — Smile and Bauer have little choice but to get dressed and get out of a potentially sticky situation. Clandestine sex adds erotic zest to “Campus Episode III — Secret Guest.”


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