Angels Vol 1 Episode 2 - Glistening

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Gorgeous redhead Michelle H and her hot girlfriend Kira Zen fan the flames of sexual desire once again in episode two of Alis Locanta’s super sensual “Angels Volume One.” The women put on a show for each other, Michelle stripping sensually as Kira rubs her neatly trimmed pussy in sizzling slow-mo. Cut to their apartment, Kira pressing Michelle up against the wall as she kisses her, baring her perfect breasts and sucking her erect pink nipples. She moves south, licking Michelle’s shaved pussy through her cotton panties, then pulling them down to eat her voraciously, making her moan and shiver with pleasure. Kira spins Michelle around and starts fingering and eating her from behind, Michelle’s gasps growing louder and more erratic as she races towards her climax. She grabs hold of Kira for support as she orgasms around her probing fingers, quivering uncontrollably. Barely pausing to catch her breath, Michelle kneels to eat Kira from behind, finding her already dripping wet. Hips bucking, Kira rides the waves of bliss as she climaxes hard. Bodies entwined, the angelically beautiful, devilishly sexy women shower each other with kisses.


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