Close Call 2 - Zoey Taylor

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Zoey Taylor – a pretty, doll-faced blonde dressed in a cream trenchcoat and high-heeled pumps – enters a bedroom. Immediately, she begins to film herself on her phone, loosening her coat to reveal sexy black lingerie. Her full, natural boobs are almost spilling out of her bra, and she starts to play with them, popping them out. She pouts and flaunts her curves for the camera, stripping slowly and seductively, pulling her panties to one side and spreading the lips of her trimmed pussy for a juicy close-up. Sinking into a leather chair, a leg hooked over the arm, she masturbates, pressing the phone against her crotch then switching back to using her fingers. Before long, her black panties are peeled off, and her boobs quiver as she frigs herself into a frenzy, whimpering as she finally comes. Then she grabs her phone again, to film the afterglow. Time to make that call?


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