Intimate Touch Episode 1 - Recollect - Candy Bell & Paulina Soul & Sasha Colibri

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Cute hotel maid Candy Bell has a special talent, an “Intimate Touch” that allows her to see into the past when she touches certain items. As episode one of Sandra Shine’s arousing new series begins, Candy is cleaning a room when she handles a hairbrush and instantly sees sexy Sasha Colibri sitting naked at the dressing table, combing the brush through her long black hair. The visions unfold when Candy sits at the dresser. She sees sweet blonde Paulina Soul standing in front of Sasha, wearing nothing but her panties, as her lover kisses her and sucks tenderly on her stiff nipples. Sasha pushes Paulina up against the dresser and slides a hand inside her panties to rub her wet pussy. Candy continues cleaning, finding a used coffee cup on the windowsill. She picks it up and sees the women kissing passionately again. A third flashback sees Sasha wrapped in a towel as Paulina nuzzles her neck and uncovers her lovely body, cupping her perfect pert breasts. She sucks Sasha’s diamond-hard nipples and goes down to lick her shaved pussy, lapping at her puffy clit. She turns around so Paulina can eat her from behind, nose deep between her ass cheeks, tongue swiping at her asshole. Overwhelmed, Candy moves to the bed and is treated to the vision of the women in a sixty-nine, Sasha on top, her face between Paulina’s thighs. They lick each other’s hot pink slit, until the powerful sensations drive Sasha wild and she sits upright to grind on Paulina’s mouth. She orgasms breathlessly and turns around to kiss her juice from Paulina’s lips, licking her voraciously and thrusting her fingers into her slick pussy to frig her to a climax. Candy is left smiling and blushing from the unexpected show…


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