My Sexy Reflection - Mina K

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Mina K, a sexy brunette in a little black dress and high black heels, is sipping sparkling wine as she stands over a mirror placed on the floor. The reflection gives a glimpse of her stocking tops and tiny black thong panties, which are revealed in more detail as she caresses herself. She peels off the underwear then squats over the mirror, frigging her pussy. Within just a minute or two, she begins to squirt, clear juices spurting out to splash and puddle on the glass. Not yet satisfied, she sits on the mirror, thighs wide, and continues to masturbate, rubbing the thong against her slit then stuffing it into her pussy as she frigs her clitoris. She hikes up her dress to bare her boobs but can’t keep her hands out of her crotch for long – she stretches her labia open so she can finger her pussy even deeper. As she gets closer to cumming, she lies back, sliding her ass down the wet mirror, then moans out loud as her orgasm starts to hit. Juices fountain out into the air as she squirts again, over the mirror and her discarded panties. Then, as it fades, she rubs her wet fingers over her belly and tits, before sucking them clean.


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