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Stunning blonde MILF Kathy Anderson picks up cute Shona River at a train station and takes her home for steamy sex, as episode four of Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie series “Enjoy Me” begins. Kathy gets sexy Shona on the sofa, kneels between her open legs and smothers her with wet kisses, before tugging down her top and sucking the nipples of her beautiful breasts to stiffness. Shona writhes wildly beneath Kathy’s attentive mouth, growing even more aroused when her new lover yanks off her shorts and panties, and trails her tongue up and down the fleshy folds of her pussy, which has a fluffy triangular bush. Shona spreads her legs high and wide, allowing Kathy easy access to plow her tongue deep inside her sodden hole, and she howls with pleasure, eyes closed and mouth agape, as she’s engulfed by sensations of intense ecstasy. Kathy clamps her glistening mouth over Shona’s, allowing her new fuckbuddy to taste her own sex juice. She strips to her lingerie and, while Shona rubs her own pussy frantically, eats her ass voraciously, until she has a body quaking orgasm. Shona kisses Kathy passionately, sucks her big breasts and licks her clit as she finger-bangs her hot pussy, making her squirm with excitement. As Kathy rockets towards orgasm rubbing her own clit, Shona tongues her tight ass. Kathy’s big breasts jiggle wildly as she’s consumed by a searing orgasm. It’s a mighty climax to a super lusty liaison.


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