Paradise 2 - Tracy Bie

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Escape to paradise on earth with beautiful Tracy Bie… Dressed in a revealing, large-mesh bodystocking with a split crotch, the gorgeous blonde is relaxing on a lounger by a blue infinity pool set among palm trees. Her hands, with long, natural fingernails, are trailing over her medium-sized breasts. She takes a chunk of ice and plays it over her mouth, licking and sucking on it, then she uses it to tease her nipples to stiffness. Her shaved pussy gets the same treatment, water trickling over her lips and clit as the ice melts against her skin – and, as she moans with pleasure, her body twitches and quivers. She sucks on the ice, tasting her own juices, keeping herself hot with the fingers of her free hand. Next, she kneels up on the lounger, crying out in bliss as she reaches back to fingerbang her snatch. Soon, however, she’s on her back again, thighs splayed as she strums her slit – and then, as she nears orgasm, she humps and grinds against her hand. She cums hard – and, just as she seems to be spent, another climax shudders through her stunning body, followed by many tiny aftershocks. She grabs more ice to suck on, hands trailing over her sensitized skin as she gets set for even more pleasure…


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