Daybreak - Delphine & Kiara Night

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Kiara Night sits drinking her coffee and reading the newspaper sleepily, as Delphine watches her. It’s not much past “Daybreak,” and Delphine is ready to leave for work, but pauses to massage her lover’s shoulders tenderly. Her hand lingers on Kiara’s breasts and then slides down between her thighs; Kiara’s face is suffused with lust for her sweet blonde girlfriend, and they kiss passionately. Delphine perches up on the kitchen counter, her smart office outfit in disarray, and tugs her panty-crotch aside so Kiara can lick her clit and insert a couple of saliva-drenched fingers in her pussy. Delphine kneels to suck Kiara’s nipples and eat her ravenously, her ass wiggling as she spreads Kiara’s puffy lips and diddles her harder. When she’s made Kiara climax, she stands – towering over her in her high heels – to get fingered and licked to an intense orgasm of her own. It’s a deliciously frantic start to the day, as Delphine rushes off to work with a satisfied smile.


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