Watching Me - Kalisy

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Kalisy – a beautiful Russian babe with long, light-brunette hair – awakens in a minimally decorated room, naked as she gets up from a bed with white sheets. The camera films her from a voyeuristic angle, following her as she walks into a marble-tiled bathroom to shower then soak in the tub. Every beautiful detail of her slender body is captured – her long legs and tight ass, her small, perfectly pert breasts, the fluffy strip of golden-brown bush on her mound, above shaved pussy lips. As she perches on the edge of the tub, thighs splayed, she runs her hands over her body. Then she gets in, stroking herself as the warm water caresses her curves. Angling her hips to raise her wet pussy above the surface, she splays it with her fingers, then rolls on her side, letting out gentle moans as she teases it. She oils her breasts and flat belly, massaging her globes and pinching her nipples, but her hands keep straying back to her snatch. She uses both to soap her crotch, rubbing and softly spanking her slit. Then, lying back in the tub, she begins to masturbate hard and fast. Two middle fingers sink into her pussy as her other hand takes care of her clit. And, even when the water drains from the tub, she lies back, knees bent and feet resting up on the sides, rocking and grinding her pussy against her hands as her climax builds. Her moans become ecstatic sobs as she cums, writhing in the bottom of the bath, fingers still working to maximize her pleasure. Finally, she stands up, still a little dazed, walks through to her room and falls back into bed, sprawling face-down on the mattress. As she rests, the picture fades…


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