Dur Trois 2 - Kira Z

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Starring the gorgeous Kira Zen, this movie sees erotica stripped back to the essentials. Kira – petite and slender, with blue eyes and a long mane of dark-brunette hair – enters an attic room. She's wearing simple white panties and a flesh-colored bra, and little or no makeup. The room has plain white walls and a simple wooden floor, its only decoration a full-length, silver-framed mirror. As Kira inspects her reflection, she begins to suck slowly on her manicured fingers. She lays a white comforter on the floor, sits on it splay-legged, and pulls down her top to free her tits – then she drools on them, smearing it over her nipples. Next, she pulls her panties aside to reveal a hairy mound and shaved pussy lips, and runs spit-wet fingertips up and down her slit. She circles and taps them against her clit, until one, then two, slip inside of her. Moaning with pleasure, she grinds her crotch against her hand, pausing only to salivate on her breasts again. She continues to take things slowly, switching her attentions between her tits and pussy, tasting her own juices off of her fingers – and as she plows them in deep again, we can hear how wet she is. She strips off her top then gets on all fours, reaching back to rub her clit hard – her breathing gets deeper, her moans and gasps becoming cries of pleasure as her orgasm approaches. We get a sharp close-up of her pussy as her fingers pump in and out, her lips appearing to flutter. Finally, she cums but, even as she settles back to relish the afterglow, she can’t keep her hands off of her crotch…


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