Pheromone 2 - Lady Dee

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Lady Dee, a petite and beautiful Czech babe with long black hair and brown eyes, has spent the night with her lover, Lucy – but wakes up alone in Lucy’s bed. An affectionate note with lipstick kisses reassures her that Lucy will be back and tells her, “Missing your scent already.” Dee finds Lucy's hot-pink thong on the nightstand and sniffs it, breathing in the sexy aroma as she caresses herself through her cute black teddy. Next, she grabs the cap of Lucy’s ornate perfume bottle – a golden cone with a clear glass ball at the top. She begins to nuzzle then suck on it, like she's going down on it. She opens the snap-fasteners at her crotch, exposing her shaved, swollen pussy, which she immediately begins to rub with her manicured fingers. Then, after lubing it with saliva, she stirs two digits around inside of it. Her breath comes in deep, slow gasps, in time with her fingering. Using both hands she stretches and splays her snatch, then fingers it again, humping her ass clear of the bed. She strips naked, revealing a slender body, pierced navel and small, perfect breasts. She smears her nipples with saliva then plays the bulbous glass end of the perfume bottle against her clit, teases the entire length of her slit and slides it close to her pussy opening. Whipping her long hair, she kneels up and puts on Lucy’s robe, inhaling her scent from it. Then she lies back and continues to stroke herself with the bottle cap before finally slipping it into her snatch. It opens her up even wider, as she fingers her clit. As she nears orgasm she frigs herself harder, moaning. Then, she cums, her body writhing, and she clamps her thighs around her hands as her climax shakes her body. Watch to the end for a close-up of her pretty, blissed-out face, and a single drop of her cum dripping down the shaft of the bottle cap…


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