Unleashed 2 - Maarit

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Stunning Maarit, a brunette with tan, slender curves, is asleep, lying face down on a bed. Her waist length hair is streaming down her back and her ass is rounded, a smooth-skinned peach. She is blindfolded and a chain connects her cuffed wrists to a collar buckled to the headboard. She stirs and wakes, humping and grinding her mound against the bed and the shaft of a glass dildo upon it. She raises herself up onto her knees, reaches back to finger her crotch, then takes the toy and begins to work it against her slit. Now fully awake and with her blindfold removed, she lies back, exposing perfect small breasts, stiff, caramel-pink nipples and her shaved pussy. Legs splayed wide, she slides the mock cock inside of her snatch, pushing the bulbous head in deep so the bulges and beads on the shaft stretch and tease her inner walls. As she pumps it, her fingers rub her clitoris and she moves rhythmically on the bed, tits quivering as her breath comes in excited sighs, gasps and soft moans. She takes the chain into her mouth, sucking and biting down on it. Next, she raises her feet in the air, rocking her ass against the bed before pistoning the glass toy in and out of her juice-drenched pussy. On her knees again, ass tilted up, she pounds herself from behind, but soon she’s on her back once more, going even harder and faster. She plunges the dildo in and out in a frenzy until, at last, she cums, working the tip of the toy against her slit to maximize her pleasure before she sucks her creamy cum off of the glass head and shaft. Now satisfied, she rolls over, smiling to herself and flashing a quick glance at the camera before she drifts off to sleep once again…


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