The Sex Toy 2 - Elison G

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Hot brunette Elison G, a gym administrator from Berno City in the Czech Republic, starts this flight of fantasy by confessing a big secret. Friends and colleagues think she is “a normal and quiet girl”, but her favorite sexual fantasy is to be “a sex toy” – she likes to be tied up, whipped, spanked, punished and dominated. The action begins with Elison in the closet – literally. Dressed in red lace lingerie, with her hair in a high ponytail and her slender, tattooed body on display, she is gagged, collared and blindfolded, with her hands cuffed to the clothing rail above her head. A black leather leash hangs down from her collar and, above her black spike-heeled pumps, her ankles are cuffed too. Next, freed from the cuffs and moving sensually, she runs manicured hands over her body, then unfastens and removes her bra to expose small, beautiful breasts. She peels down her panties to reveal a trimmed bush before drooling as she spits her gag. Pulling her leather leash tight along her slit and crack, she saws it back and forth, then teases herself with a flogger, whipping her thighs and trailing the tails over her hairy pussy and firm tits. Then she gives her ass a spanking, raising pink welts on her cheeks. This gets her horny and she begins to finger her pussy, stroking her lips and rubbing her clit. Next, she retrieves a large, black cock-shaped dildo and sucks on it, the bulbous head stretching her mouth wide open. She runs her tongue around it then works it against her stiff nipples before grinding it against her slit. Now wet enough to take it inside of her pussy, she sticks the sucker base on the floor of the closet then rides the shaft, squatting deep in the confined space and humping up and down. Then, needing to take the toy even deeper, she sits on the floor, thighs splayed, then pumps it with her hand, so all but the last couple inches disappear inside of her. As she circles her fingers over her clit, her snatch is audibly wet and, as she cums, cramming the toy in even deeper, she bucks her ass clear of the floor, moaning with pleasure. As she comes back down to earth, caressing her beautiful body, she flashes a look at the camera, still a little shy but finding a new confidence in her erotic play…


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