My First Nylons 2 - Lucy K

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  • Duration: 2:00
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It’s an exciting day for cute blonde Lucy K. She has acquired a pair of vintage nylon pantyhose, and she’s in her bedroom indulging in this new-found fetish. Her hair is worn loose and her eye makeup is striking, teamed with pale lips. Her hands – elegant but unmanicured – explore her slim curves through the sheer, tan-colored fabric, gliding up her legs to the reinforced panty-crotch. Topless, revealing small, subtle tattoos, she caresses her natural breasts, as the camera moves slowly down to her feet, taking in every gorgeous detail. Next, her fingertips trace the dark seam from her waistband to her shaved pussy, finally slipping inside to tease her slit. Moaning, she becomes more turned on and, careful to avoid snagging her precious pantyhose, she gently eases them down to her knees so she can play with her juiced-up pussy unrestrained. She licks her fingertips, tasting her juices, then continues to masturbate, grinding them against her slit. Next, she removes her nylons completely and, thighs splayed wide, writhes on the bed, ass rocking and bucking as her fingers probe deep. Her palm flutters against her clit and her sighs become whimpers as she brings herself to an intense orgasm. Even as it dies away, she continues to frig her snatch, until she is completely spent. Eventually, she drifts off, hands gently caressing her breasts...



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