Climax - Francys Belle & Maxmilian Dior

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Hot brunette Francys Belle looks irresistible in a skintight dress and high heels, playing with her shaved pussy, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic sizzler “Climax” begins. With a suggestive smile, the Brazilian beauty spit-lubes her fingers and rubs them up and down the plump lips of her pussy, slipping them between her dark folds. She tugs her dress down to reveal her big breasts, nipples stiff, and as she spreads her pussy open, the camera zooms out to reveal Maxmilian Dior sitting cross-legged and naked on the floor, watching the intimate show. Francys beckons him over to embrace and kiss him passionately, then pushes his head between her legs. He licks her pussy skilfully, pausing to let her taste herself on his tongue; she strokes his stiff dick and guides it inside her juiced-up slit. He pumps into her with steady intensity, speeding up as their mutual passion grows until he’s slamming in hard and fast, and she raises her ass off the couch, bouncing with his powerful thrusts. Francys stands and turns, bending over the couch with her long legs straight, and Maxmilian bangs her hard from behind, driving her wild. She rocks back to meet him, moaning, trembling with pleasure. Pushing him onto the couch, she straddles him, feeds his cock into her soaked pussy, and rides to an intense orgasm, then jerks her man’s load out over her belly. It’s a perfect “Climax’ that leaves them both sated and smiling.


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