Letter - Katrina Moreno & Maxmilian Dior

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Stunning Katrina Moreno is visibly emotional as she reads a handwritten note, Maxmilian Dior comforting her, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Letter” begins. Tenderness turns to passion, Katrina pulling her man in for a kiss, lying back on the bed as he unbuttons her shirt, squeezing her big, beautiful breasts. He sucks her stiff, dark nipples, then tugs aside her panties to eat her pussy, both of them half dressed and wholly aroused. Sliding his pants down his thighs, Maxmilian thrusts his hard cock into Katrina’s shaved slit, fucking her vigorously, her fingers strumming her clit. They move into spoons, Maxmilian powering into his sexy brunette sweetheart from behind, fondling her huge, jiggling boobs adoringly. She pushes him onto his back to lick up the length of his rigid dick, sucking on the glistening tip and bobbing her head to take it deeper; then straddles him to ride, tits pressed into his face. Spreading her cheeks, he hammers up into her, making her orgasm and filling her with hot cum that immediately trickles out as they kiss through the afterglow, the earlier upset forgotten.


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