Free House Episode 2 - Guest - Tiffany Tatum & Maxmilian Dior

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The moment the owners depart, Maxmilian Dior takes advantage of house sitting to invite gorgeous Tiffany Tatum over. As episode two of Andrej Lupin’s steamy erotic series “Free House” begins, Tiffany is through the door and into the bedroom, kissing her lover hungrily and unzipping his jeans to stroke his rapidly stiffening cock. He sucks her beautiful breasts, then licks and fingers her hot pussy, getting her wet and eager to take his big dick. She moans with arousal as he starts plowing his shaft in and out, growing louder and rubbing her clit frantically as he increases the speed of his thrusts. They gaze lustfully into each other’s eyes, bodies moving in unison; as the intensity of Maxmilian’s strokes builds, Tiffany throws back her head and grips the bed tightly, eyes closed in ecstasy as she senses her orgasm rising. Maxmilian evidently senses it too, driving into her even harder and deeper, before pulling out teasingly to delay her sexual fireworks. She kneels to suck her wetness from his rigid cock, licking from root to tip, then sinks down on it in reverse cowgirl. Her perfect ass bounces as she slides up and down his pole, humping herself into a frenzy, letting out little yelps of pleasure. She spins around to straddle him in cowgirl, riding hard and fast, taking him deep. They hit their peak together, Tiffany shuddering through her orgasm and then rising up to let Maxmilian’s hot cum trickle out of her flooded pussy. It’s a wild and passionate fuck, and all the more satisfying for being in a stranger’s bed…


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