In Black - Emylia Argan & Lexi Layo

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Intense passion simmers between horny beauties Emylia Argan and Lexi Layo, in Andrej Lupin's sultry erotic movie “In Black.” Identically dressed in leather and nylons, the two vixens kiss avidly, their golden flesh glowing in the darkened room as they caress each other's body. Their kisses are electric as they begin to undress, licking soft, sweet, voluptuous breasts. Emylia removes Lexi's tight lingerie, kneeling to stroke and suck her gorgeous shaved pussy. When she has Lexi gasping and shivering with excitement she stands again, rubbing her lover's sensitive clit, pulling her hair until Lexi's knees buckle in pleasure. Eager to please, Lexi squeezes and fondles Emylia’s big breasts lovingly, before the tall, curvy brunette turns her around and eats her pussy from behind. She sucks, licks and fingers Lexi skilfully, driving her to another powerful orgasm. Lexi deftly removes her girlfriend’s lingerie, dipping down to lap at Emylia's perfectly trimmed bush. Emylia orgasms forcefully, and Lexi stands to kiss her again, still diddling her toward another climax. Emylia's breathy sighs echo into the darkness surrounding them, and they kiss and smile, relaxing into one another, utterly satiated. It’s as intense an experience for the viewer as it is for the two lovers, the stark surroundings putting the emphasis squarely on their intimate liaison.


Wow. I want this intense fuck.

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