My Pleasure - Aislin

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Blonde haired sleeping beauty Aislin rolls restlessly in bed. The gorgeous Ukrainian is evidently having a hot dream because she suddenly kicks off the covers. The unexpected action reveals she’s wearing a green top so sheer her perky breasts are clearly visible, and turquoise panties stretched taut over her ass and pussy. When she wakes, she immediately pulls up her panties, pushes a hand inside and gives her pussy a few quick strokes. When the panties are removed, she slides a hand over her shaven pussy and grinds against it, then rolls over and tugs on her ass cheeks so hard her pussy gapes. When she feels wet and ready enough, Aislin flips over onto her back, spreads her long legs wide and gropes her breasts while simultaneously finger banging her pussy – until she orgasms, intensely, and collapses face down on the bed.


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