Lady In Red - Kira Zen

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Sexy Kira Zen smiles as she drags her fingers through her luxurious long brown hair and caresses the erect nipples of her tiny breasts. The sultry expression on the Czech goddess’s face says she’s feeling exceptionally passionate, something echoed in her choice of clothing – a red dress. Staring at her reflection in a washroom mirror, she takes off the dress and massages her breasts through her black bra, before sliding her white pantyhose over her curvaceous ass. She leans against the tiled wall and rubs a hand between her legs to stimulate her shaven pussy. As she strums her clit, her bra slips off her shoulders revealing her tiny breasts. Suddenly the sexual electricity coursing through her body gets too much too handle standing up, so Kira crouches on her haunches to finger drill herself to orgasm.


i love her ass

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