Schoolgirl - Elina De Leon

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The way dirty blonde cutie Elina De Leon struts around the kitchen with her plaid skirt hitched up high enough at the back to reveal her firm ass cheeks, it’s evident that she’s feeling frisky. As the 20-year-old Ukrainian college babe ascends the stairs, the up skirt view is spectacular; likewise when she’s searching through some books in the living room. Turned on by an antique etching featuring bare breasted women, she places it in front of her, spreads her legs, and undoes her top so she can tug hard on the nipples of her tiny breasts. Kneeling on an armchair, she slides her skirt and thong down to her knees, glances over her shoulder with a naughty look in her gorgeous green eyes, and plays with her shaved pussy. Naked apart from her shiny black shoes, Elina lies back with her legs spread, and thrusts two fingers rapidly in and out of her sopping wet pussy. Her eyes close, her face screws up in the throes of ecstatic pleasure, and she moans her way to an almighty orgasm.


I love you baby


I need your pusshy baby


A truly bitchy

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