Wait A Second - Paula Shy

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Weirdness abounds as stunning Paula Shy, dressed in sexy lingerie with a plunging neckline, sits in front of the mirror to apply make-up. Her reflection simply refuses to behave itself. When the big breasted babe is dusting blusher on her cheeks, the horny babe in the mirror is caressing her neck. Soon, she gives up on her makeup and obeys her reflection, sliding her lingerie down to fondle her gorgeous titties, hand diving inside to rub at her pussy, and now the two are in sync. She drops her underwear altogether, her slim slit accentuated by the thin strip of dark pubic hair above it. Turned on all the more, she sucks on her fingers after rubbing her pussy, then uses them to open her lips, rubbing at her hole and clit, pushing two fingers inside herself. Lost in her own sexuality, one foot up on the table, she brings herself off...


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