Down On Me - Lexie Fox

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Watching gorgeous Lexie Fox coming down the stairs in her heels and swishy skirt, her shirt open, bra holding her breasts tight, is like watching the morning sun rise - absolutely breathtaking. She reaches the bottom and gazes at you with deep blue eyes, pulling her bra down and shaking her perfect breasts, a smile flashing on her pretty face. Sitting back, she lifts her skirt to expose her shaved, naked pussy, slim pale pink lips nestled between her thighs. Stripping naked, she stands and masturbates, two fingers circling her clit as she smiles at you, one heeled foot on the seat beside her. Too horny to stand any longer, she sits and lifts both feet, thrusting one finger into her pussy, her eyes on you, a look of urgent desire on her face. She aches to cum, her orgasm close...


She is very beautiful


I watched it from beginning to end

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