Tired But Happy 2 - Kay J

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Gorgeous Kay J grabs all the attention right from the off, as soon as she bends down in front of you in her tight black leather skirt. Sitting on her bed, she takes off her see-through white blouse and smiles so sweetly. She feels herself between her legs, her hand slipping beneath her skirt, then removes her bra and squeezes her beautiful breasts, her soft pink nipples standing to attention. She watches you as you watch her, stroking herself. Standing up, she wriggles out of her skirt and climbs onto her bed, clambering onto hands and knees, her peachy ass the perfect invitation. One hand slides inside her panties, a finger thrusting into her tight hole. Frigging herself harder, she laughs, loving every minute of it. Now her panties are off and she's busy playing with her pussy, masturbating hard, so hot and horny...


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