After Work - Sexy Nasita

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Alex Lynn's "After Work" follows raven-haired Nasita just home from a day at the office. She sits on her bed and undresses, slipping out of her smart white blouse and stretching out on the sheets. Her businesslike black pencil skirt rides up over her hips as Nasita writhes, running her hands over her body, pulling her bra down and toying with her nipples. She slips off the cumbersome skirt and drops her bra to the side, feeling her breasts, enjoying the freedom after a long day's work. Resting her head on the pillow, she deftly traces a line down from her breasts to her pussy, slipping her black briefs to one side, letting her slim slit taste the air. She lifts her legs and pulls the panties from her, her pussy shaved but for a thin strip of black pubic hair. Nasita takes the tension of the day out of her system by toying with her body. She sprawls on all fours, rocking back and forth, her hands clutching her ass and breasts.


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