Red Velvet - Adel C

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Adel C prowls around an exclusive apartment in Lucia Helios' movie "Red Velvet." The leggy redhead skirts the room in lacy black bra and tight black shorts, cut high on her thighs. Slipping out of her bra, she struts to the center of the room and runs her hands over her pale skin. She takes a seat and slips off her black high heels, leaning back in her chair and exploring her body. When she rolls onto her hips to tease a peak of her crotch, it isn't long before she's turned all the way around, peeling her hotpants slowly down her peachy ass and then pulling her buttocks open and pushing her shaved pussy at the camera. Adel smiles the smile of the sexually aroused - she's enjoying herself and she knows you are too. She rests on her back and pushes her knees together as her slim labia peak out from between creamy thighs. Back up on her knees, Adel just can't resist pulling on her ass, her fondling easing her pussy lips open, her pink inner walls glistening. Just to be sure, Adel stands and climbs onto the seat to give you a better view. Her legs, so long and slim, bring the eye all the way up to her naked pussy, which she thrusts forward, wantonly. Again, she just cannot help herself, her hands reach around her ass and pull on her cheeks, wanting you to see all of her sex. Each erotic touch of her booty brings her desire to the surface. Don't miss the sweet and revealing interview at the end...


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