The Right Place - Stella Lane Stripping

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Beautiful blonde Stella Lane explores her body as she sits on the couch, her hands slipping inside her black bra to free her tanned breasts and squeeze her pale pink nipples hard. Her fingers trace their way down her flat, sexy stomach and over the crotch of her briefs. Hooking two thumbs into the waistline, Stella peels them down her thighs and off her ankles, sitting back to open her legs wide and play with her breasts again. She loves to tease her nipples, tracing circles around them, tickling their sensitive edges. With her knees up and her thighs open, Stella runs her hands around her toned ass and thighs, running them so close to her sex. She pulls tentatively on her inner thighs, her slim labia reacting to the pressure, parting just enough to expose her pussy hole. She turns onto her side and toys with her ass, pulling at her cheek to open her pussy further. On her hands and knees, Stella rocks back and forth, her pussy pouting out with each backward thrust.


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